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Who We Are

One of the nation’s leading commercial real estate investment groups, specializing in self-storage.



At the core of Platinum’s investment philosophy is that we strive to make prudent investments that make sense both in the short term and long term of the investment cycle. We believe that good investments take time and patience. Our company does not focus on how quickly we can deploy capital, but rather on identifying projects with solid fundamentals over a long investment horizon.



At the core of our investment strategy is a focus on mitigating downside market risk while maximizing sustainable returns on our investments. This is achieved by sticking to strict investment criteria and applying market and property level metrics to each acquisition opportunity. Diversification by geographic location and project type underlie our greater investment strategy, while property-specific due-diligence and investment metrics are utilized to reduce unknowns and determine the investment worthiness of a given property.



Established in 1999, Platinum Storage Group is currently ranked as a Top Operator by Mini Storage Messenger and sits as a member of the Larger Operators Council and founder in the StoreLocal Co-Op. Our founder, Skip Elefante has worked in the industry for 34 years as a broker, developer, investor manager, and consultant. Today our company manages or owns approximately 2.5 million square feet of storage in 8 different states.



In the past, there has been limited access to direct investments in self-storage. Historically, only large institutional investors have been able to invest in these opportunities. However, today, by working with our smaller partners, we are able to create access to Class A properties in core markets through strategic developments and acquisitions.



Platinum focuses solely on identifying properties with value-add opportunities. This can take the form of purchasing a property with expansion potential or simply repositioning the asset operationally after takeover.  In addition to Platinum Storage Group’s management expertise, we also focus on creating value through strategic acquisitions nationwide. For more than 20 years, Platinum Storage Group and its principals have been engaged in acquiring self storage facilities. Through leveraging our relationships with owners, brokers and lending institutions, we are able to identify unique opportunities and provide risk adjusted returns for our capital partners.


Our company has a strong background in the development and renovation of self-storage facilities. In this current environment and as a result of a tremendous amount of new facilities being built over the past couple of years, underserved markets are few and far between. Focusing on the renovation and re-positioning of existing facilities has proven to be a sound strategy. We are currently working on a number of opportunities where existing owners are forced to sell due to a lack of capital to improve the facility and maintain a competitive edge in their respective markets.


Platinum’s goal is to completely eliminate the stress involved in the management of your self-storage asset. We offer a diverse set of management services ranging from day-to-day operations to ongoing financial reporting and budgeting. While our services are commonly referred to as “Property Management,” our real service to you is “Investment Optimization.” Property Management can become passive repetition; however Investment Optimization is a dynamic commitment to constantly evaluate and pursue every opportunity to increase the value of your investment, reflected in increased distributions and equity growth. We will never be satisfied with our efforts, but will continue to seek ways to make these sites perform to their highest potential.


Our experienced team brings more than 100 years of unique real estate experience as well 65 years of experience in acquiring, management and developing self-storage projects

Skip Elefante

Daniel “Skip” Elefante began his real estate career in the early 1980’s as a broker in the single and multifamily home sector. In 1984, Mr. Elefante entered the self-storage industry and quickly made a name for himself by catering to the growing demand for professional self-storage property operators and investment opportunities in the sector for high net worth and institutional investors. As a result, Mr. Elefante began structuring joint ventures and partnerships with industry leaders. By 1997, Mr. Elefante had completed more than $1 billion in self-storage transactions and became one of the nation’s most respected and successful self-storage brokers and facility operators, earning a reputation for sound business practices, unwavering integrity and tireless effort on behalf of his investors, clients and partners. In 1999, he founded Platinum Storage Group, consistently named one of the largest owners and operators of self-storage facilities. Over the years, his business has become a full-service self-storage venture, providing acquisition and disposition services, development and construction management, property management, financial consulting, and receivership services. Driven by market changes in recent years, Mr. Elefante actively engages investors to form joint ventures for the purchase of self-storage facilities. Additionally, he launched the Storage Direct brand to take advantage of economies of scale.

Skip Elefante

Johnna Grant

Johnna Grant is the Chief Financial Officer responsible for strategic planning, cash management and all financial accounting, for our portfolio of 30+ properties. Her background includes over 30 years of experience in financial operations and management within the real estate sector. She graduated from the University of San Diego with a Bachelor of Business Administration with an emphasis in Accounting and is a Certified Public Accountant, Inactive.


Genevieve Sigmund

Genevieve Elefante-Sigmund is President of Platinum Storage Group where she works closely with the executive team to drive and execute the strategic vision of the firm. She focuses much of her time on building key relationships with both debt and equity partners and sourcing and pursuing real estate acquisitions. As a member of the investment committee, she also curates investments and participates in the analysis and due-diligence of each new opportunity to ensure that it fits with the company’s larger strategic goals. Genevieve works closely with other members of the Platinum team to manage the company’s financial and banking relationships, human resources, investor relations and the integration of properties into the company’s growing nationwide portfolio. Prior to joining Platinum, Ms. Sigmund worked in the political arena as a consultant on high profile campaigns at the national, state and local level. Ms. Sigmund earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern California. She has held positions on the Orange County, CA board of USC Marshall Partners, CREW and is currently a member of the Cal Coast chapter of Young Presidents Organization.


Jenelle Elefante

Jenelle began her career working in administrations at Chapman College in Orange, CA. During her time there, Jenelle focused on taking classes in business and finance until leaving in 2004 to join Platinum's team.


Vice President Property Services
Dane Elefante

Dane Elefante is the Vice President of Operations at Platinum Storage Group. He is primarily responsible for the property management and operational oversight of each facility in their portfolio. In addition, he oversees the performance of Platinum’s investments from inception to sale, focusing on creating and executing property-level strategies to maximize value. As a member of the Investment and Acquisitions Team, Dane is directly involved with the exploration and due diligence of every acquisition opportunity. Furthermore, he is responsible for ensuring that each new investment aligns with the Company’s long-term vision and goals. Dane represents Platinum as a founding member of StoreLocal, the nation's first Self-Storage Co-op, and is considered a Thought Leader on industry issues. He is also an active member of the Young Leaders Group and national Self-Storage Association (SSA). Dane has 15 years of commercial real estate experience including feasibility analysis, underwriting, and development. He graduated from the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business, earning a B.S in Business Administration with a concentration in Real Estate Development and Finance.


Vice President Operations
Elizabeth Garcia

Elizabeth Garcia is the Director of Human Resources; overseeing all recruiting, payroll, safety, benefits administration and employee relations at Platinum. During her tenure at Platinum, Ms. Garcia has been involved with developing companywide policies and procedures, overseeing employee retention and acquisition, managing a comprehensive health insurance program and insuring that Platinum is in compliance with employments laws in every states in which it operates. Ms. Garcia earned a bachelor’s degree in Administrative Office Management from Central Washington University and continues to expand her knowledge by attending continued Human Resources educational courses.


Director of Human Resources


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Platinum Storage Group, currently ranked as the 8th Top Operator by the Mini Storage Messenger, is an owner-operator of over 30 self-storage facilities nationwide. To view our full property portfolio and the specifications for each of our properties click on the button above.

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