Property Management

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Repairs and Maintenance

Our repair and maintenance departments play a pro-active role in preserving the value of each facility we manage. This is achieved through closely monitored repairs, scheduled maintenance, and carefully budgeted capital improvements geared towards improving the appeal of all of our locations. Coordination between our field representatives, accounting team, and repairs and maintenance department has given us the ability to respond quickly to repairs and reduce the costs associated with scheduled maintenance and unforeseen maintenance needs.

Repairs, Maintenance and Capital Improvements:

  • Establish and maintain a repair and maintenance schedule and budget for every property
  • Set aside money for capital improvements and large repairs for the future
  • Evaluate necessary maintenance and repair issues on a month-to-month basis through monthly visits by regional managers
  • Institute cost-saving measures to reduce the cost of ongoing repairs and maintenance
  • Propose capital improvements
  • Review and oversight of capital improvements

Platinum Partners

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