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Our company has a strong background in the development and renovation of self-storage facilities. In this current environment and as a result of a tremendous amount of new facilities being built over the past couple of years, underserved markets are few and far between. Focusing on the renovation and repositioning of existing facilities has proven to be a sound strategy. We are currently working on a number of opportunities where existing owners are forced to sell due to a lack of capital to improve the facility and maintain competitive in their respective markets.

Court Appointed Receiver

Over the last 25 years Platinum Storage has acted as a court-appointed receiver for many self-storage facilities on behalf of banks, institutions and private money firms. During this time our company has proved we have capacity to preserve the viability of the business while maintaining the integrity of operations and reporting. Platinum can bring fresh management perspectives to distressed storage facilities and effectively implement accounting and business practices that will benefit a facility well beyond the receivership period. In most cases, Platinum Storage Group have preserved and even increased the value of the underlying asset during their position as court-appointed receiver.

Platinum Partners

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